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lash extensions.

lash lift + tint.

Classic Full set  $200

Applying a single extension to one natural lash, creating a natural look.

Perfect for adding length and some fullness. (Allow 2.5 hours)

After 2 Weeks Fill  -  $85

After 3 Weeks Fill -  $105

After 4 Weeks -  Removal + New Set

Hybrid Full set $275

A mix of classic and volume lashes. A fuller look but still natural looking.

(Allow 2.5 to 3 hours)

2 Week Fill -  $125

3 Week Fill -  $175

After 4 Weeks -  Removal + New Set

Volume Full set $350

Applying 2 to 5 superfine extensions to one natural lash. Can be full, but still natural or bold and glam! (Allow 3+ hours)

2 to 3 Week Fill -  $190+

After 4 Weeks -  Removal + New Set


Lash Removal $60

Lashes are gently removed with a creme remover. Includes calming eye mask to soothe the eye.

Lash Lift  $120

Create the appearance of longer lashes by gently lifting the lashes. 

BONUS: Lash tinting is included with lash lift!

Lash + Brow tint  $65

Define lashes and brows with a gentle tint.

BONUS: Brow wax is included with brow tint!!

Lashes tint ONLY $30

Brows tint ONLY $45

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