What is a hydrodermabrasion treatment?

This non-invasive exfoliating procedure utilizes hydro-technology to exfoliate, polish, rehydrate and replenish your skin. It delivers immediate results without discomfort, irritation, or downtime.Water jets and vacuum massage are used to exfoliate, hydrate and clean out pores, revealing a smoother, more even textured surface, while providing a deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

What are the benefits of hydroderm?

It helps to improve skin texture and color, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, provides hydration, boosts blood flow and reduces acne scarring.  Also, it helps to minimize skin blemishes and improves dull skin.

What is the difference between Hydrodermabrasion and Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion use a handheld wand that sprays microcrystals on the face to exfoliate the skin. The abrasive crystals slough off dull, surface-level skin cells, revealing the fresher, younger skin underneath. Hydroderm differs from microdermabrasion because it employs saline solution and oxygen rather than microcrystals. With hydrodermabrasion, the device sprays a supersonic jet of water droplets, which peels away the top layer of the skin. The result is similar to a microdermabrasion treatment, but it also has the added benefit of improving circulation and hydrating the skin. 

Is hydroderm safe? 

Yes. Hydrodermabrasion is completely safe and pain free. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses non-aggressive products to safely exfoliate, hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Is hydroderm suitable for me skin type? 

This treatment is suitable for all skin types including acne/oily, aging, pigmented skin and redness. If you are looking for a non-invasive, but effective way to re-energise your skin, then Hydrodermabrasion might be the right treatment for you.

When can I start seeing results? 

You will see and feel a change after a single treatment. Your skin will immediately feel fresher and healthier. hydroderm can be done every 4 weeks. 

Can I consume other treatments with hydroderm?

Absolutely – we offer Hydro-oxygen and hydro-peel. Hydrodermabrasion infuses water deep into the skin. This helps to break down the impurities before your secondary treatment and provide the skin with a deeper hydration than moisturizing alone. 

What is a Hydro-peel treatment?

Hydro-peel adds an enzyme peel step to a HydroFacial. First the hydrodermabrasion step loosens dead skin, excess oil and other debris while simultaneously deep cleansing pores. Next an enzyme peel removes the dull, damaged, outer skin layer to reveal the healthier underlying skin layer. Then your renewed skin is bathed in vitamin-enriched hydration and custom-blended corrective serums. This advanced exfoliation treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and delivers immediate results without downtime. *Pre-treatment is required*

What is a Hydro-oxygen treatment?

Oxygen infusion is the splendid final touch to the Hydrodermabrasion Treatment, the infusion system will infuse the skin with immense hydration and restoration. Any residing irritation or redness will be eliminated. The process then allows the skin cells to increase the rate of its metabolism and production of collagen. Additional benefits include an increased youthful appearance, smooth skin, and accelerated hydration for a brighter complexion. 

Is there products/procedures to avoid before a treatment?

One week prior to your treatment you must not wax, use any depilatory creams or have any laser treatments or electrolysis performed. 2-3 days before your treatment stop using topical prescriptions, Retin-A, Tazorac, BHA’s & AHA’s or benzyl peroxide. Any cosmetic facial treatments including laser, fillers or surgery should be completely resolved and healed before having a chemical peel.

What is the post care for Hydroderm?

Because fresh skin has been newly exposed, it is important to apply sunscreen and to avoid direct sunlight and tanning booths following your session. Also, avoid products containing harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes until the skin has fully healed. Drink plenty of water and apply cleanser and moisturizer to your skin. It’s also best to avoid wearing makeup for 48 hours after treatment.